Lemon Cream Cheese Pudding Dessert



  1. Posted by mlmehus, — Reply

    I followed this recipe exactly, and 8 hours later, it is still pudding consistency. Also, flavor wise, might as well have made the pudding and put cool whip on top.

  2. Posted by becklette, — Reply

    Let the cream cheese sit. I didn't let it sit long enough so it wasn't very pretty, but man was it tasty! Set to the right consistency.

  3. Posted by shareefclifton, — Reply

    This is an American recipe so there are no alternative ingredients to use ?

  4. Posted by jepbmazor, — Reply

    This is my recipe that I have made for 45 years! Delicious!

  5. Posted by dcooney01, — Reply

    Lemon Cream Cheese Pudding

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